Here Is How To (Really) Annoy Someone

Okay, no, I am not going to write a step-by-step guide on how to really annoy someone, because you know I’m a good girl [LOL]. But there could be times when we just want to get back at someone, and be a bit playful now and again. If you’re in the mood to get out there and just get back at them, I found a cool website called Send Annoying Stuff. I was laughing like crazy when I first checked out the website, and I just love it, it’s genius!


Here are the deets…

Why send annoying stuff?

Love your boss? Happy with your ex? Got perfect neighbours and no enemies?
Then this site isn’t for you!

Still reading?

Well then let’s get pranking! Horrible boss? Cheating ex? Pesky neighbour? Send them an envelope filled with Sweet Revenge! And they will never know it was you!  We do the dirty work for you anonymously. All you have to do is pick from a variety of super-annoying-nerve-wrecking pranks to make your day and ruin theirs.

They have stuff you can choose from and send to anyone in the world you want to annoy. My personal favorite is, of course, the very cute (and annoyingly mean) poem. But the confetti sounds lovely, as well. If I was super duper busy and someone sent me confetti (and make a mess all over the place), I’d be pretty annoyed. But if I wasn’t that busy, I think I’d just enjoy the confetti. But that’s just me. So, yes, you can check the website at and go annoy people.  Have fun, but don’t send me glitter!!!!!!

Author: Mary Elizabeth Francisco

A huge fan of chocolate chip cookies. Hypertensive. Loves ice cream and taking pictures of the sky. Believes that coffee makes the world a better place. Just a girl, not a hero. Not yet, that is.