G2One Network: An Awesome Service Media Company

As someone who works online a lot and likes blogging (kinda), I believe we can reach success faster-ish with the help of other people. And by other people, I mean service media companies. G2One Network is one of these companies, but what’s special about them is that they started out as a web developing company and eventually grew into a full service media company with specialities in media planning, advertising, social media, public relations, marketing as well as consulting for businesses, organizations and non-profits not only from India but from around the world.

“Through its brands and publications, G2One Network also covers a large variety of products and services ranging from personal merchandise to consultancy for setting up your own business. G2One network’s list of esteemed clients and partners includes but is not limited to OLX, Cactus VPN, Themify, Asus, Dell, Comindware, VoucherBin and Infolinks.”

I’m super lucky to actually be able to write about the company. AND THE FOUNDER. Yes, Kids. I talked to G2One Network’s founder and CEO, and found out some stuff about him. Okay, so his name is Karan Chopra and he founded the company which actually has a number of banners under it ranging from self-help blogs to online marketing sites, publications and even, recently launched line of designer shoes and T-Shirts.

Karan_Chopra1Karan Chopra, Founder and CEO, G2One Network

Businesses aren’t really that new to Karan, because he comes from a business family, so after finishing his post-graduation from the University of Aston in the UK, he started his own. He has a degree in Distributed and Network Computing, as well experience in the European Market, which is very amazing, and thus, he started his very own G2One Network.

So far, so good for Karan, and I think it’s amazing how he worked hard to achieve what he has achieved, and is still achieving. I2Mag was launched in 2011, and he then came up with JustWP which is another publication site that deals with everything related to WordPress and hosting, which should be my kind of thing, because I use WordPress. After that, he has launched many other projects and websites, which is worth to explore yourself.

If you want to know more about G2One Network, check out their website at www.g21network.com. Cheers! 🙂

Author: Mary Elizabeth Francisco

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