7 Suggestions to Boost Your Relationship Intimacy


1. Make secrets as a couple. Similar to inside jokes with a close friend, these are special secrets that you and your partner create to boost your intimacy and your personal connection to each other.

For instance, you might make out in a hidden location at a party or club. Consider going to the park late at night or some other mildly risky behavior that will give you both an adrenaline boost. Breaking small rules together can provide a sense of bonding and closeness. While you should not do anything that would cause harm to others, you can find creative means to have your own secrets, like noticing and giggling about the behavior of a naughty neighbor.

2. Do something that shares your love with the world. You can spice up your love life by taking an ad out in your local classifieds saying how wonderful your partner is or send them a special bouquet of flowers or candies at work.

3. Take your clothes off! If you have a pool in your backyard, go skinny-dipping together. You can even have fun cooking dinner or cleaning the house together while in the buff. It is a free way to get a thrill and expose your vulnerable side.

Spice things up:

4. Lay back in bed together with some strawberries and chocolate, planning out how you would spend your lottery winnings. This is a form of escapism, not an actual expectation related to having the correct lotto numbers. This act creates a similar dopamine boost to that you have early in a relationship when you dream of the future together.

5. Check out hot people together. It is perfectly natural to notice attractive men and women. Discussing these preferences and interests can help you to bond and it deepens your emotional connection.

6. Switch which side of the bed you sleep on or find some other means of breaking your routine. Other ideas include choosing a new pet name, developing a new, sexy way to greet your partner or even a cute prank that you know your partner will not mind.

7. Change your schedule. Although schedules are a great way to reduce stress and keep your home functioning well, it can lead to monotony. Shake things up sometimes by doing something unpredictable. Go out for ice cream together at midnight or do the tango on Saturday morning until you are both out of breath.

8. Learn something new – there are all sorts of great things you can learn to spice things up – in somecases the classics are the best. Why not take a look into reading the Kamasutra and see how it could help your love life.

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Author: Mary Elizabeth Francisco

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