SBMA at 25: Celebrating the Past, Forging the Nation’s Future

You know, it’s moments like these that get you to really thinking about it. There are times when life would feel pretty unfair, you know, those days when the SBMA wasn’t the “now” SBMA. But look where SBMA is today. And it’s all because of every single person who helped, every single soul who volunteered, everyone who did not expect for anything in return. Well done, SBMA. Congratulations!


Divatress: beauty for everyone

It’s amazing how technology helps us find awesome stores and websites to purchase things we need (and want) in life. You know… The little things like these. What more can you ask for? Wink wink.


Crying here and there

I don’t know about you, but I cry a lot. I tear up at the weirdest, most shallow things in the world, and some people get weirded out. Sometimes, I even cry at the most random moments and events. I was thinking about it, and listed a few things (and situations) that would positively make me cry: Websites accidentally getting…

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When Eating Healthy Is Not Enough

Aging is a privilege. With aging comes experience and wisdom, not to mention senior citizen’s discounts. But with aging also comes the onset of aches, pains and age-related conditions. Such is why older people try to adopt a healthier lifestyle – something you might have observed from your parents, grandparents, or older friends (or which you find yourself doing, if…

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27 things you (might) learn by 27

A few weeks ago, I turned 27 years old. (Okay, a long overdue post.) I should be proud of that, sure. Not everyone in the world reaches that age, and yes, I am not old… yet. And so, because I have written several similar listicles for Thought Catalog, here’s another one in honor of myself turning a year older: 27…

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