Crying here and there

I don’t know about you, but I cry a lot. I tear up at the weirdest, most shallow things in the world, and some people get weirded out. Sometimes, I even cry at the most random moments and events. I was thinking about it, and listed a few things (and situations) that would positively make me cry:

Websites accidentally getting deleted.
Children earning the Golden Buzzer.
“Nobody puts Baby in a corner” and Patrick Swayze‘s beautiful face.
Really cute proposal and wedding videos.
Every time Liz cries in Eat, Pray, Love.
Really good rainy day music.
Reader emails and messages.
Baby feet and socks.
Baby hands and fingers.
Baby trying to talk.
Drooling babies.
All babies, in general.
Realizing the perfect gift for someone.
Figuring out where to ride a cab at the airport.
This video Ian sent me of a cute proposal.
This song. This. This. This. And THIS.

What makes you cry?