More shopping?

I have been raving about online shopping and, you know, pretty things on the internet lately. I just realized though, not everyone has the luxury to buy stuff online.

A reader sent me an email regarding my last two posts talking about how cool online shopping is, and I shared some awesome websites that I thought were wonderful. She says she is not able to purchase stuff online, because she has no means to pay for them through the internet, ie. Internet Money. She says she does not know how to use it, that it is all foreign to her, all those stuff that we, nowadays, couldn’t even imagine. And I realized… Not everyone could really do the things we are able to do, and for that, we should eternally be grateful. And we have to share what we know, so people will learn.

Maybe in another post, we could talk about the actual steps to purchase stuff online. But for now, here is another store that I really like and would like to share with you.

You might have heard about Dresslily before, but if you haven’t, it’s somewhat similar to the other online stores I have previously shared with you. They also offer a variety of fashion stuff, like tops, dresses, shirts, shoes, you know the drill. What I like most about Dresslily is that their customer service is awesome, and they make sure that the stuff you buy from them are shipped out as soon as possible.

I have experienced shopping online wherein it would take ages before your items get shipped out, and it gets pretty tiring. Dresslily is cool about the details like those, shipping and customer care-wise. The variety of what they offer is also neat, since they update the items all the time, so you’ll know you get the trendy stuff first.

What was the last item you purchased online? Would love to know!