Do you shop for clothes online?

It has been a while since I posted something here, and you know me, I just appear out of nowhere once in a while. So yes, here I am. I have been crazy busy the past couple of months and a lot has been going on (I will tell you soon, in another post, most probably), but then, has it occurred to you that life has been made easy because of online shopping?

I mean, the other month, a friend asked me to help her buy something to wear for her brother’s birthday party. She said she already visited almost all of the stores inside all of the malls and could not find anything. I said she should try online. “Online? Do they sent real stuff to you, for real?” She has never tried to shop online, and I realized, especially nowadays, it’s way easier to purchase stuff, because we have the option to buy them online. I know it’s always still a luxury to be able to touch what the item before you purchase it, and actually try it on, but then buying online means not having to go to the store or even leave your room. The convenience is amazing.

And so, there’s this online store that has always been a go to for me. Zaful, unlike some shops that I also like, has everything a girl would want right now. They have pretty dresses, accessories, clothes of many kind, you know the drill.

So I told my friend about online shopping and about Zaful (even though the party she was supposed to go to had already passed). Take note, she was already looking up dresses whilst I was talking about the shop. She is hopeful that she receives great items, because she got all of them (I think she ordered three dresses) at a bargain price. Cool!

What have you been up to lately? I cannot wait to sit down and just write again, I missed you guys. Happy shopping!