The Design Your Life Planners 2019

And it’s back. My planner fever is back, and I’m ready to start planning again. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with planners and all that stuff. When smartphones came about, I gradually became used to the idea of just writing everything down on planning apps. But then, the love for writing, like on paper writing, will always be there. So back in 2013, I started really loving the planners that were available in the Philippines.

I had different planners over the years, from different companies, with different concepts. And I hoarded on a lot of stickers the past couple of years as well, so it’s really cool. Before the end of the year 2017, I fortunately ran across a company called C&S DESIGNS. If I am not mistaken, the owners are two sisters who are just really amazingly creative. Anyway, I got the Design Your Life (DYL) 2018 Planner, which is the planner I am currently using, kind of. By mid-2018, I looked it up and found out that they actually had three types of planners available: the DYL Planner, DYL Back To Basics Planner, and the DYL Limitless Planner.

Just tiny bits about each of them, what I first got was the DYL Planner 2018. It was, I think, their flagship planner. I was wondering what the fuss was all about, but when I got it, I was actually pretty impressed. I used to purchase smaller planners over the years because I wanted to carry it everywhere with me, but the DYL Planners are pretty big. Like, 6.75 inches x 7.75 inches big. And I was used to 5 x 5 inch planners. I got the hang of it though, because there was pretty much more space for you to write on, so I guess that’s the whole point of having a planner. Duh.

I instantly fell in love with the DYL Planner 2018 as soon as I received it. I was pretty much hyped into planning before the year started, and by the time December ended, most of the pages had stickers on them, not that the planner needed that many stickers as it was already pretty, to begin with. So, you get the point. The DYL Planner 2018 is the “normal” planner you usually get, with colorful pages and monthly themes, all those goodie good stuff.

The DYL Back To Basics Planner, on the other hand, as the name suggests, is a more basic version of the DYL Planner. I never really got one, so I won’t be able to review it that much, but on the website (for the 2019 version), it says that “…its clean and simple layout helps you manage your schedule in a fashionable & timely manner. define your priorities, set your goals, and achieve the work-play balance you deserve. take control and design your life!” I think it’s cute, and less intimidating than the DYL Planner, and you’d get lesser of those theme-based colorful pages. Some people like that.

Now, on to what this post is actually about: The DYL Planners 2019. Let’s start with the DYL Limitless Planner. I wasn’t interested about it at all last year, because I didn’t want to have blank months, you know. Like… I wouldn’t want to get lost into not planning because my planner doesn’t have months and dates on it. But this year, I was overpowered by the Tita in me, and I felt like this would be the best one for me right now, lifestyle-wise and all.

To be honest, there were months on my DYL Planner 2018 that, up to this day, are blank. I had a busy middle of the year, and come June, I wasn’t really up for writing anything anywhere (except for when I get the occasional mood swings that lead me to writing articles for Thought Catalog). So, thinking about it, the Limitless Planner was perfect for me: the lazy planner. You don’t get the pressure of having to write on it every day, because there are no days! See what I did there?

And so I got the DYL Limitless Planner 2019.

BUT… I realized, I would probably be really out of it, because I am not that into journaling and design and all that stuff, so the Limitless Planner wouldn’t really work for me as much as it would work for someone who loves to decorate and draw and all those artsy stuff.

So, I got the DYL Planner. Like, their actual 2019 planner. And I loved it at first buklat. As of writing, I have not really written anything on the Limitless Planner 2019 aside from my name and other details on the information page, because I’ve been using the DYL Planner 2019. And it’s okay, because there’s really no deadlines for the Limitless one. That’s why it’s undated, no?

The planners are really beautiful. The Limitless Planner, for one, is sleek and simple, very straightforward, which I super love. I am not ready to face the blank pages yet, but I am “planning” to do so very soon.

As for the one I am currently using (and loving), the DYL Planner 2019, I absolutely love the design and all the features they included. I love the monthly themes, too. There’s this “Goal Statement” for every month which I am definitely loving, because it’s kind of inspiring, LOL. It also has a lot of space to write on per day, which is awesome. And you can use the stickers they provide, or your own stickers, to add to the already pretty design.

If you want to know more about the planners (and purchase your own), you can visit C&S Designs here.

No, this is not sponsored. Pero… C&S Designs. Beke nemen? HAHAHA!

I have been really liking the planning part of the year so far, and I’m also “planning” to keep on doing it, for my sanity’s sake. How about you: what’s your 2019 planner?

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