A Very Short List Of The Things I’ve Learned When I Stopped Blogging (For A While)

Before we begin with the list, let me just tell you why I “tried” (and failed) to stop writing on MarshMary. For one, if you have never heard about this, writing is not that easy, ergo, blogging is difficult. You’d have to put up content constantly, while pleasing people around you. Yes, you do have to please people, so they’d come back to your blog and actually read what you write in the future, you get the point. Long story short, I have gotten tired of all of that. I have gotten tired of having to always write positive things about the world, when all we see online and on television (I do not watch that much TV, thankfully) are cruelty and war and poverty and fear and all of that crap. So basically, if you are following what I’m saying, then you will understand. But then, as time passes by, you do learn some things when you stop doing something that you feel like you’ve been doing your whole life. Thus, this list.

1. You cannot just ditch what you are passionate about. Like I’ve said, I FEEL like I have been writing all my life, although “professionally” speaking, I have been writing for only about six years. Like, writing as a job. Like, earning from what you’re passionate about. Who the heck doesn’t want that? The blog, although it wasn’t really a prerequisite to my writing career, helped. A lot. At the end of the day, after all the work you submit and have other people publish, you go back to your tiny little blog, and you write. And most of the time, it’s beautiful.

2. You shouldn’t really have to please people all the time. Of course, you need to exude positive vibes most of the time, so that you can inspire other people to exude the same to everyone around them. But if you don’t feel like it, then you don’t really have to.

3. And you cannot really please everyone. Blogging or not blogging, this is a fact. You cannot please everyone around you, because people are different from each other. You may have beliefs that people do not believe in, you may have awesome talents that people think is crap, you could even do good things and people will still think you’re a bad person. So, why waste your time?

4. Your blog is your “space”. Although, it’s technically not that safe (it’s the internet, after all), but it’s still your space. You can do anything with it. People will come and go as they please. All you need to remember is you have to make content that makes your heart happy.

5. Life is cooler when you blog. Maybe it’s just me (and my blogger friends), but life is so much cooler when you can write stuff on your own website, and share things to the world. You’d get to document things and know which ones people are actually reading and liking and are interested in. Something about those things make blogging so rewarding at the end of the day.

So, I guess I’m back for the time being. Hello there! I still write for Thought Catalog, if you feel like reading. It’s really great to be back. Oh, and we are on Facebook, if you haven’t followed the page already. What have you been up to these days? See you around, Kids! 🙂

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